Dunes (a poem)

oh, we watch those holes,
those wholesome moans.
the velvet breath.

we coalesce
we lift.
we drift.

rolling, washing through the grass.
the summer sun reflects
across our teeth.

the heat,
the breeze,
we float with ease
and rise to disappear.

oh, that frothing mist awaits:
that great blue orb of the sky


Cloud Factory (a poem)

She dragged her hand across the ground
and dug a little pool
where water drops like tears collected,
shimmering and cool,
and in that surface I could see myself
with eyes imploring back
but they seemed to lack some hint of life
– some shade reduced to black.

I told her what I meant and hoped
that she could see it too,
but where my eyes were losing color, hers were filled
with green and blue,
and so she took my word and helped me on
against the failing light,
that friend of mine whose heart could share
the burden of my plight.

From time to time my sight awakes
and beauty crashes through
and all the clouds of my indifference
dissolve in vivid hues,
but when the wheels begin to turn again
in those machines of doubt
the sky seems darker than before and little
helps to lock it out.

And even so she’s here beside me,
painting colors with her words
– the shapes of rainbows, stars and ladybugs,
soft melodies of birds –
It’s happiness around the bend, I think,
and friendship is the key;
her love conveying all those notions that
were nearly lost to me.

In the Rain (a poem)

she smiles.
nose pressed against my neck
as rain dives all around,
clapping the soil
with moisture;
filling our breaths
with the sweetness of spring.
I kiss her head as hair,
wild in wind,
envelopes my face.
I used to convince myself that
beauty and cruelty came only
as accomplices.
I was so wrong.
I love you, I whisper.
she smiles.