Short Stories


Short fiction based on true stories, featuring slight embellishments.

The Town That Moved

  • People change, cultures change, and communities change – some more than others.

The Water’s Edge

  • People’s ability to solve problems is surpassed only by their ability to create them.

The Definition of Fog

  • To survive, people must adapt to their surroundings. Sometimes, however, the surroundings can be a bit… excessive.

The Great Migration

  • Places make people what they are, and people make places what they are. And so on.


A collection of original weird fiction exploring madness, dreams and folklore. Stories listed in canon order.

The Forgotten

  • An old soul recounts a solo hiking trip through the wilderness of Newfoundland where they experienced strange and unexplained events.

The Balcony

  • The life of an insomniac gets turned inside-out when they discover an unsettling detail about the dimensions of their boring little apartment.

Deep Sleep (Part 1) – Falling

  • A husband and father is disturbed by the bizarre sleeping habits of his wife who suffers from an onslaught of falling dreams after their family moves to the coastal town of Seal Cove.

Deep Sleep (Part 2) – Sinking

  • The protagonist’s story continues as he attempts to hold his family together.

Loon Harbour

  • A former RCMP officer with the Seal Cove Police Department recounts his role in an investigation and finds it hard to distinguish the criminal from the supernatural.

One Last Round (Part 1) – The Old Guitar

  • A struggling musician is haunted by a mysterious voice.

One Last Round (Part 2) – The Locked Door

  • A scientist starts to uncover threatening signs while working in isolation.

One Last Round (Part 3) – The Torn Pages

  • A library worker encounters a strange presence lurking in the shadows.

One Last Round (Part 4) – The Road Home

  • A student begins to suspect they are pursued, or hunted.

One Last Round (Part 5) – The Hanging Bell

  • A powerful force drives four friends to make a depserate last stand for survival.